under construction…

It was today on 2.1.16, at 2 something AM in our Amsterdam Airbnb, that I decided I would actually start a travel blog. I have been on an incredible adventure these last few months and wanted to share my experience in a way that speaks more than a 1000 words. I’ve wanted to start a blog for sometime now. I realized that this trip and the past adventures I’ve been on is the best inspiration. I have been told to have really good ideas and clever tips about certain things, so I guess  why shouldn’t I spread the knowledge if I have it (and because I was encouraged, thanks girls). I dedicate this blog to my travels, my crafty ways, how I, an employed student-athlete from New York, gets through a day off being on-the-go, and of course my Mami, because none of this would’ve (or could’ve) happened without her.

Vaarwel, voor nu
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” -Lewis Carroll

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

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