food for thought

Day 11


I’ve wanted nothing more in life than to spend my 21st birthday abroad. Strange, one may think (I’m legal elsewhere already), but it’s not about being able to legally drink or whatever. It’s the reason I didn’t go home and spent my first Christmas without my family; The first without my Mami. It’s about turning a lifelong dream into a reality. It’s the spark to light the fire, on the road to making my goals and dreams become accomplishments and reality. I’m making this milestone one to remember, not what it is stereotypes to be.


Location: Rome, Italy

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It was today on 2.1.16, at 2 something AM in our Amsterdam Airbnb, that I decided I would actually start a travel blog. I have been on an incredible adventure these last few months and wanted to share my experience in a way that speaks more than a 1000 words. I’ve wanted to start a blog for sometime now. I realized that this trip and the past adventures I’ve been on is the best inspiration. I have been told to have really good ideas and clever tips about certain things, so I guess  why shouldn’t I spread the knowledge if I have it (and because I was encouraged, thanks girls). I dedicate this blog to my travels, my crafty ways, how I, an employed student-athlete from New York, gets through a day off being on-the-go, and of course my Mami, because none of this would’ve (or could’ve) happened without her.

Vaarwel, voor nu
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” -Lewis Carroll

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands